Tuesday, February 9

"Cute as a button" World's Smallest Package

Don't know what to get your Valentine this year? Check out Leaf Cutter Designs for the World's Smallest Package. Not only are these just absolutely adorable, but they are handmade, affordable, and a thoughtful way to show someone you care:

Special for Valentine's Day, the WSPS is offering a teeny tiny package with custom "to" and "from" addresses on it. Inside the little box is a little strip of paper that says "You are as cute as..." Under the teeny tiny crumpled newspaper, your recipient will find either an antique china button from the late 1800s - early 1900s or a big red vintage button from the 1940s. Order while supplies last.

*I will write "Open on Valentine's Day" on the outside of the larger mailer.

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