Tuesday, February 16

Commission your Own Art with "The Croquis"

I adore fashion sketches. I love the rough, yet whimsical strokes of charcoal or a brush on paper that create these elegant glimpses of a fashion masterpiece. So I was pleasantly surprised when I popped on to The Croquis one day while surfing the web. The Croquis is a fashion illustration company that provides made-to-order sketches. I must have one of these!
The Croquis is a boutique fashion illustration company providing made-to-order sketches. You can commission a piece for a wedding,birthday, anniversary, or even as a gift for yourself. Explore their products, learn about their process, and view examples at The Croquis.
Step 1: Details, please!

First, select a graphite, gouache or custom package. Then, select from a variety of options relating to your chosen illustration package, including any special comments or requests you may have. You can also request additional details for the illustrator to take note of. Before you purchase the illustration, you’ll be asked to upload an image or photo you’d like our illustrators to work from.

Step 2: We get to work.

Once your payment is confirmed and your order is placed, your croquis information and any specific instructions will be sent to one of our illustrators located in New York City. They’ll complete a round of sketches and ultimately a final composition, which will in turn be delivered within three weeks (but usually two) of the date your order was placed.

Step 3: Delivery!

Upon completion of the final croquis, we’ll matte, frame, and ship your original artwork to the location of your choice. We’ll be sure to package your artwork with care and we guarantee it’ll arrive in mint condition.

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