Saturday, November 22

Please Critique Me

I work for a small graphic design agency in the Lakes Region of NH and I also do freelance work on the side as time allows. I look to my co-workers for their thoughts on my designs, but sometimes that just isn't enough. Without the formal training and because each of my co-workers are so busy, it is difficult for them to give me practical feedback. For me, it is imperative to have my designs critiqued, so that I can continue to provide the highest quality work for my clients. Soooo, where do I turn? A week ago, I wouldn't have a good answer for you, but…

…that all changed this week when Please Critique Me was revealed to help creative people get the feedback that they need from experts in the design industry. The brilliant people of OnWired have recruited 8 of the top design professionals to start a place for people in need of design feedback to congregate. Please Critique Me is different because this isn't just some willy-nilly site where anyone and everyone is giving you their opinion. You are getting feedback from a group of hand-picked designers who are experts in the field and have a sophisticated eye for excellent designs.

I know that I will be utilizing the thoughtful, yet stern feedback of my peers on this web site to evaluate my work, especially for my new personal web site that will be coming soon. Make sure you also follow them (and me) on Twitter.

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