Tuesday, November 18

Blogging Webinar - 3-Part Series

A little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone, right?! So, I just want to let everyone know about a FREE 3-part Blogging Webinar that my employer, Acorn Creative, is having. The first one starts tomorrow. Kevin Skarritt, "blogging guru", will discuss the importance of blogging, and how it is the single greatest method for delivering additional traffic to your website and generating additional revenue.

The 3 sessions offer:
November 19th
Learn the importance of blogging and the basic steps to start getting your business message out to the world.

December 3rd
Discover how to impact your business by utilizing blogging as part of your marketing mix. Review basic blogging strategies that will dramatically improve your visibility, increase inbound links and enhance reader engagement.

December 10th
Explore the more complex aspects of blogging and how to utilize this opportunity to promote your business for greater success.

Sign up at Acorn Creative.

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