Monday, December 21

So Fresh and Clean with Freshbooks!

I am a huge advocate for promoting services that actually work. FreshBooks is an online invoicing service that allows you to send, track, and collect payments. FreshBooks saves you so much time every month, helps you get paid faster and makes you look more professional – what could be better than that!

Other great features include: time tracking, expense reports, estimating, manage your books without an accountant, available 24/7 from anywhere with any computer, etc.

I highly recommend this simple, reliable, and cost effective service to other freelancers and service providers.


Rayanne Langdon said...
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Rayanne Langdon said...

Ain't nobody dope as me. I'm just so fresh, so clean!

Thanks for the kind words, Kathryn. Get in touch if you ever need a hand!

Rayanne Langdon -- Queen of Hearts,

Katie Austin said...

Thanks for checking in Rayanne! Freshbooks has been a lifesaver this year. I don't know what I would have done with out it :)