Monday, December 22

2008 American Graphic Design Awards

Last week I received the 2008 issue of the Graphic Design USA, which is a news magazine for creative professionals.  Each year, for nearly four decades they present the American Graphic Design Awards, which is sponsored by Adobe. The contest is open to everyone in the community: advertising agencies, graphic design firms, corporate, institutional, and publishing inhouse departments, etc. It honors outstanding new work of all kinds of media: print, internet, corporate identity and logos, etc.

Recently, I was notified that I was a winner of a design for Yasharians Interior & Exterior Remodeling that I submitted for the category of Internet Design. I was honored and excited to be recognized for this exceptional award. I received an embossed Certificate of Excellence. In addition, my design was also published in the Awards Annual magazine (pg. 220), which will be seen by an estimated 100,000 at ad agencies, graphic design firms, and more.


Erin said...

That is so impressive Katie! If anyone deserves that award it's you for sure!! Your work is amazing and truly inspiring.

Katie Austin said...

Thanks, Erin! :)

Brian Yerkes said...

That's really cool, congrats! That's one thing I have yet to do, is enter things in contests like that.

Would be nice to have a few decorating my office! :)

Well done Katie

brittany said...

you's my hero

Randy Renfro said...

Nice! Sounds like a good list to be on! So you designed the website for them? It looks nice!

Anonymous said...

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