Friday, October 31

It's never too early...

I may be jumping the gun on this one… but it's never a bad idea to start thinking about the dreaded Christmas shopping season.  Yes it is still October, but I want to bring this up for a couple of reasons. First, with the economy hitting an all time low since the Depression we need to start shopping for the best prices, sales, and bargains. Second, it is much easier on your bank account to do a little shopping here and there throughout the year, instead of taking one big hit during the holidays when people typically need it the most. Third, who wants to scramble around trying to find the "perfect" gift while fighting against crowds and traffic.

Below are suggestions of gifts for designers to give or receive.  Hopefully, some of these strike your fancy:

Inexpensive, personalized home decor.
Send a high-resolution photo to this seller on Etsy and she will customize your photo on canvas

All Designers Must Have Coffee
Why not get a Color Matching Guide Mug for you favorite designer or printer from Suck UK. This web site has slapstick gifts and accessories for the home.

Also try W2 as resource for the Pantone Mug . W2 is a Products Website that sells innovative gifts for the home.

Designers can never have enough of these. Enough said. 
Try these:

Wine Lover

Other cool ideas

Good luck shopping this season!  I will continue to post new ideas as I find them!

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